Unobtrusive Plug and Play Kit for Chronic Condition Monitoring Based on Customized Behaviour Recognition from Wireless Localization and Remote Sensing

Background and Goals

The SOFTCARE system offers additional and valuable features to existing home monitoring systems. It provides a set of features to ease communication between carers and users, provides accurate information to carers in order to improve the quality of care services and sends an alarm in case a dangerous situation is detected.

The SOFTCARE user needs to wear a small bracelet and place one „static node“ in each room of his / her home. An additional key fob device is provided to extend SOFTCARE capabilities outside the user’s home.

SOFTCARE features:

  • detection of how the user deals with daily activities, which provides the carer with information about user wellbeing over time, drawing on different parameters
  • detection of dangerous situations in real-time and instant warning to carers or service providers
  • full-duplex hands free voice link between the user home and the SOFTCARE service provider
  • fall detection and panic button including instant warning indoors and outdoors and user location information

SOFTCARE has also been designed in order to operate in sheltered houses, adapting ist features to this environment by placing SOFTCARE nodes in the common areas within the house.


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Project Sponsorship

The project SOFTCARE is partially funded by AAL-JP.

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