WheelChAIR – Multifunctional Onboard Accessibility Devices

Current situation Persons with walking disabilities must use an on-board wheelchair on the aircraft to transfer them to their seat or from their seat to the toilet. In particular, transferring from the on-board wheelchair to the seat or toilet can be very painful and strenuous for assistants, which is why transfer operations must be kept to a minimum. Similarly, guiding a wheelchair as well as catering trolleys is often very difficult for staff because there is no guide and they can easily bump into seats or interior panels in the cramped aisles.

Project objectives WheelChair is looking for possibilities where:
a) the seat shell of the on-board wheelchair can be moved together with the person,
b) the on-board wheelchair can also be used in the lavatory without transferring the person, and
c) secure guiding in the aircraft cabin and vertical securing in turbulence is possible.
The guidance system should be multifunctional and, for example, also facilitate the guiding and securing of catering trolleys.

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The project is partially funded by FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) within the program Take Off.

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