Intelligent Sanitary Unit for Disabled and Elderly People

Background and Goals

The project ISU aims at increasing autonomy of older people and bedridden persons, supporting care givers and restoring dignity and self-esteem in the most sensitive area of personal hygiene. The project will develop a mobile system of sanitary components for improving hygiene, care-provision and quality of life consisting of four main components:

  • A mobile bed-side toilet (commode) which offers WC flushing, odour-free vacuum disposal of faecal-matter, bidet-function and assistance for transfer from/to the toilet functions which presently are offered only from stationary assistive toilets.

  • A bed-shower for washing a bedridden or immobile person without spilling water to the environment (the bed or the floor) using a closed-circuit system for fresh and waste water as well as applying air for drying and lotions for skin care.

  • A (mobile) bed side service module containing fresh water, waste tanks and power supply to support the two bed side modules.

  • A (stationary) docking station to serve as a central hub where the service module is automatically re-loaded and cleaned.

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Project Sponsorship

The project ISU received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency. Seventh Framework Programme European Commission REA

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