DEA – Dementia-App

Support for relatives of people suffering from dementia acting as informal caregivers.

Current situation Currently, about 130,000 people suffer from various types of dementia in Austria. Most of them are supported by informal caregivers, such as relatives. However, not only the person affected from dementia suffers from the disease, but also, and often at a higher rate, the informal caregivers. Vice versa, the quality of life of those suffering from dementia is significantly influenced by the caregivers’ competences and their strategies for resilience. In the project DEA – Dementia-App, an app consisting of three modules will be developed to provide multidimensional support for the caregiving relatives.

Project objectives The caregiving relatives receive multidimensional support:

  • An activity module with specific and individual patient-optimized recommendations on a daily basis.
  • A communication module for the networking and sharing of knowledge among the caregivers, as well as for optimizing the planning of activities of daily life.
  • An information module which provides essential information on the disease, therapy and emergency procedures, as well as information on burnout prophylaxis and general prevention of excessive demand.

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Project Sponsorship

The project is partially funded by FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) within the program benefit.

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