Demoapartment for Senior Citizens

Background and Goals

The “Demoapartment” was opened in 2008, inspired by similar projects conducted by Finnish partners and with the expertise of CEIT Raltec. At a first glance the apartment looks like a casual flat. But if one takes a closer look at the 35 m² flat, useful aids can be spotted in the different areas. Accessible phones, colour-contrasted switches or umbrella mounts for wheeled walkers and many more objects comprise the large collection.

Permanent installations of contemporary research projects like eHome → complement the offer.

The project was conducted under the lead of the Seniorenzentrum Schwechat and was founded by the city of Schwechat.

In fall 2013 the apartment had to be closed due to an expansion of the housing space in the senior center.

Project Status


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Project Sponsorship

Demoapartment was funded by Municipality of Schwechat. Stadt Schwechat Logo

Project Partner

Municipality of Schwechat

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